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Natural ingredients that can polish wood.

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How to naturally polish wood is indeed one method that is widely used by the community. It is reasoned that wood comes from natural ingredients so it is very suitable to use natural ingredients to treat it.

But is treating using natural ingredients an effective step? we try to discuss one by one natural material that is commonly used by the community to treat wood to keep it shiny.

Some natural ingredients commonly used by traditional people to polish furniture are:

1. Pecan seeds

We often know pecan seeds which have good content for treating hair. But it turns out the oil content in pecan is also good for caring for teak wood furniture.

How to use it by burning 5 pecan seeds until the oil comes out. After that, take the pecan seeds, wrap them with gauze. At the position of seeds wrapped in gauze, crush the seeds by beating until they are smooth or in the form of powder. Apply the cloth wrapped in candlenut seeds to all the furniture and furniture of the other wood. You will see the furniture in your house that looks shiny.

2. Flour

Flour commonly used to clean teak wood is sago flour and cornstarch. You can also use other flour in the kitchen.

The purpose of cleaning teak wood furniture with flour is to remove impurities that stick to teak wood. The dirt can be lifted easily using the flour that you normally find in the kitchen.

The way to apply it is quite easy, you just need to sprinkle flour on your wood furniture. Wipe until the dirt on your furniture is completely lifted. After the dirt is lifted, clean the flour from the wood furniture. You will find your wooden furniture looks clean and shiny.

3. Olive oil

We usually know olive oil as an oil produced from olive trees. This plant is not only beneficial for health and beauty, but it can also be used to treat furniture – household furniture made of wood.

The nature of olive oil that can fit into the pores of the wood without damaging the wood surface is very good for protecting teak furniture in our homes.

How to use it simply by applying olive oil to your wood furniture using a soft cloth until evenly distributed. We recommend using a microfiber cloth so as not to damage the surface of teak wood.

After applying thoroughly, let stand for 30 minutes until the oil is completely absorbed. Wipe back your furniture to cope so that no more oil is pooled on the surface.

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Wood Types for Furniture 2

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1. Wood in fact

Kayu Nyatoh is also one of the most sought after wood craftsmen for furniture or furniture products in general. This wood is widely available or grows in the province of Riau on the island of Sumatra.

Wood character in fact

Straight fiber, Slippery

Smooth texture like teak wood, Brownish red color

Durable, resistant to termite attacks

2. Pine Wood for Furniture

Pinewood is very popular to be used as raw material for furniture or furniture products because besides pine wood is very easy to get – a lot of supplies, even the price of pine wood in our opinion is also very very affordable.

Pine Wood Character

Bright color, Fine fiber, Easily attacked by fungi, Soft

5. Sungkai Wood

Sungkai wood is widely regarded as an alternative to teak wood which has a premium price. If you visit some Semarang culinary outlets, the average design is made from sungkai wood. Because besides having a lighter color, Sungkai wood is also suitable for furniture or furniture that is in the room

6. Cedarwood

Cedarwood is widely known as the Aras originating from the Mediterranean or Himalayan region. This wood has the characteristic of very pointed leaves and green throughout the year. On the market, cedar wood is widely used as a raw material for wardrobe and shoe products.

Character of Cedar

Hold cold and rainy weather

The humidity is good enough for furniture

Not easy to rot, Have a fresh aroma

Resistant to termites and insects

Contains resin to absorb moisture and odor

7. Ramin wood

Ramin wood is widely found on the islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan. Widely used not only for furniture products but also for molding, frames, veneers and of course many more.

Ramin Wood Character

Yellowish color, The texture tends to be smooth and flat

Easy to use in the process of furniture

Okay, above we have explained the type of solid wood that is widely used or recommended for furniture products. may be useful.

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Popular Wood Material For Furniture

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Having furniture at home is a primary requirement for occupying housing. One of the keys to success for having a comfortable residence is to choose the right furniture. Not only is the model unique and cool but the material used must also be following the needs, especially in the selection of materials such as wood. Come see and identify wood materials for furniture at home.


One type of wood material that is often used for furniture is the type of Medium Density Board or MDF. MDF wood is widely used to coat furnitures such as sofas and chairs. The MDF in the form of compacted fiber and wood powder is made with a pressure process with a fairly high temperature, the advantage of the MDF is to have a smooth and flat surface compared to other types of wood.


Plywood or multiplex is wood that is composed of several layers of wood with the manufacturing process that holds it together. Unlike the MDF, plywood consists of fiber and bark. Stronger and more durable, plywood is wood that is not easily bent, is more weather resistant and is good for home furniture. The advantage is that in addition to weather resistance, plywood is also resistant to water. The difference with the MDF, the surface of the plywood is rougher

Particle Board

This particleboard is wood formed from sawdust which has been compressed through a chemical process. The quality describes the price offered, compared to plywood and MDF, the particle board is cheaper. Some furniture and furniture manufacturers have long used particle board materials. For those of you who are interested in particle board, the price and weight are equally light for the bag. But the disadvantage is that it is not waterproof and the room is humid so that maintenance must also be considered properly.

Solid wood

Solid wood is a commonly used furniture material. Solid wood uses materials that are not mixed with anything, aka made of 100% wood. Solid wood is also natural and pure wood which is directly processed and does not have cavities in it. The advantages of solid wood are strong and durable. It does not have a cavity and volume makes solid wood more durable than other processed wood.

Honeycomb Board

This one furniture material has small cavities on the inside that resemble a honeycomb. Honeycomb wood is one of the most favorite wood for home furnitures such as nightstand, sofa, and wardrobe. The material is light and fairly strong, making the honeycomb board the choice for home furniture products. The drawback is that sometimes if it is damp and exposed to water it can damage the top surface of the honeycomb board. Maximum maintenance will make this wood durable.

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Types of wood for furniture

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The solid wood raw material is indeed in great demand because it is the strongest material to accommodate the load and its durability if we compare it with processed wood. In addition to the appearance of solid wood is more beautiful, solid wood can also be assembled many times so that not a few furniture products are exported abroad.

Then, what kind of solid wood is most in demand for furniture needs? Well, here we will give the list, 7 types of wood for furniture. Please listen.

1. Teak wood

We can say Teak wood is premium wood originating from tropical forests in Southeast Asia so it is widely used by hobbyists of wood or wood craftsmen both for interior products – indoor or exterior – outdoor.

Teak Wood Character

The character of teak wood has a layer of oil on the pretext that the wood is waterproof, which makes teak wood always shine and last for a long time

Reddish brown, when exposed to sunlight it turns light brown

Anti-bacterial, not easily weathered

Easy maintenance

Thick teak fiber, making it easier to work on furniture

Resistant to impact.

2. Mahogany wood

Mahogany wood in full form or log is cheaper than teak. It will be the opposite when it is processed into furniture, furniture products priced at mahogany are more expensive than teak.

Mahogany character

Fine fibers and pores

Brownish red color

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5 Caring for Teak Furniture.

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Teak wood is already famous throughout the world. This furniture is excellent in the community, because of its quality. Teak wood is known as wood with a level of strength and durability first class. Although there is also teak wood with durability classes in the second or even three classes. The age and quality of wood is a separate consideration in this classification.

Although it is already famous for its quality, teak wood furniture still needs regular maintenance to make it more durable and not quickly damaged. Furniture that is cared for properly and correctly will add to the beauty of the furniture. You don’t need to replace it for a long time. To maintain and also care for teak wood furniture, here are the Tips for Caring for Teak Wood Furniture Easily

– Keep the temperature warm

To make your teak furniture more durable, you should always check the room temperature. For furniture to last a long time, make sure the sun still enters the room. Low temperatures will cause the room to become damp and your furniture will mold quickly. Therefore, keep the room warm.

– Use a vacuum cleaner

To clean dust and dirt attached to furniture, you need to clean the surface of the furniture. Use a mini vacuum cleaner to clean dust and dirt.

– Avoid it from water

For your teak furniture to remain durable, then avoid your furniture from water. Furniture that has not been coated with a coating or lacquer material must be avoided from water.

– Clean furniture regularly

Cleaning of teak wood furniture is indeed very important. You can use warm water mixed with soft soap. Use a clean cloth to wipe all parts of your wooden furniture.

– Keep away from stains

Furniture will not be separated from stains, therefore you must clean all your furniture from stains. Try to clean the furniture immediately if stained.