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Other natural ingredients that can dazzle wood.

South Carolina Office Furniture

Other natural ingredients that can dazzle wood.

1. Vinegar water

You can also use vinegar to treat teak wood furniture naturally. The nature of acidic vinegar water can remove dirt that is attached to furniture.

To clean the furniture using vinegar, we need 2 steps. First, clean the furniture with vinegar and the second process finish with olive oil.

The first step, mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar into 1 tablespoon of plain water, stir until evenly distributed. Take a soft cloth or you can also use a tissue to apply vinegar to all stained furniture. Let stand for a while until the wood looks a bit dry.

The second step, mix vinegar with olive oil with a ratio of 1: 4 into one container, stir until smooth. Use this oil mixture to smear your home furniture. After a while, you will find the wooden furniture in your house looks shiny.

2. Tea water

Making wood furniture look shiny does not have to use chemicals. In our daily lives, it turns out that there is a powerful material to make wood furniture look shiny, namely tea.

You can use tea water to make your home’s wood furniture look shiny. The method is quite simple, you can simply apply the tea to wood furniture using a soft cloth, let it dry, then your wood furniture will look brighter.

4. Mineral Oil

We often find mineral oil used to moisturize the surface of objects. It is clear, odorless, and not easily oxidized, making this oil good to use to polish the wood furniture of your home.

The properties contained in oil minerals besides being able to moisturize it can also be used to clean the dirt that sticks to your wood furniture.

How to use it, you just need to drip the mineral oil onto the wood surface and then apply it using a soft foam. Do it several times, about 2-3 times until you get maximum results.

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Various types of household furniture that must be owned.

Empire Office Furniture Boca Raton Fl

Various types of household furniture that must be owned

Having a house must indeed be filled with various furniture, of course, it must be furniture that we only need. various kinds of household furniture are indeed diverse, but wisely choose and only buy furniture that we need.

When talking about household furniture, there are a lot of choices, besides that various models can sometimes defeat the needs. Suppose the latest sofa with the latest models and motifs, sometimes it can make us forget about other furniture needs.

Therefore, it is better to put forward the needs rather than the desire to choose furniture, unless you have enough money to buy all the furniture you want.

The following are various types of furniture that you must have and are strongly recommended to have because needs are more prioritized than desires.

Chair Or Sofa For Living Room

First of all, we will start from the front first, namely the living room, what we need in the living room is a special chair or sofa to receive guests visiting our home. You can choose a chair or sofa to use, as long as guests are more comfortable when visiting your home.

Decorative TV and Cabinet Tables

For the living room, there is usually a TV and decorative cupboard, you can choose a multifunctional TV cabinet so that the furniture can be used for other uses. As for the decorative cupboards, choose a decorative cupboard that fits the area of ​​the room, if you have a narrow room, use a minimalist decorative cupboard, but if you have a large room you can use a large decorative cupboard.


For sleeping rooms you may use a bed with a bed or without a bed, both of them have their advantages. You can choose a mattress with foam, data or Spring Bed.


The kinds of household furniture that you must have are a wardrobe, a wardrobe can function as a storage place for valuables as well. You can choose a closet that has a special drawer with a lock, so you can store valuables in the drawer.

Kitchen Furniture

For the kitchen section, you must have a table to store food or do eating activities on the table. Then it is highly recommended to have other kitchen furniture such as top and bottom storage drawers, or you can also buy special cabinets for storing food

Usually, in the dirty kitchen section, we need a kitchen set, but because the cost of making a kitchen set is quite expensive you can use several tables as a dirty kitchen. For example, a table with a height of one meter to store the stove, then a table with a height of 1 ½ meter for cooking activities.

Now that’s the kind of household furniture that you must have at home.

Office Furniture Sofas

Things to Consider Before Buying a Guest Chair.

Office Furniture Sofas

Things to Consider Before Buying a Guest Chair.

Designing a living room design was not as difficult as imagined. The first thing you can think of is choosing the right guest chair for your guest room. The selection of the right guest chair will support the appearance of the living room to be more charming. Guest chairs can be the most important part of a house. Some tips that you can do in choosing the right guest chair for your living room include:

Customize House Concepts

In determining the right type of guest chair, it should be adjusted to the concept of the house. If your house has a minimalist concept, you can choose a minimalist guest chair or sofa. Each living room must have a theme. It would be nice to adjust to the theme you want. The combination of these two elements can make your living room feel more alive and more thick and minimalist concept. Besides, pay attention also in terms of the area of ​​the living room and the size of the chair or minimalist guest sofa. If you have a minimalist living room that tends to be narrow, you can choose a guest chair or sofa with a single model without backrest.

If the theme of your space is contemporary, then the selection of chairs with carvings and classic details can give strength to your living room. Another example if the furniture in the living room is dominated by wood material, wiser if the details and accents of the room are presented by side chairs made of wood material.

Adjust the Color of the Guest Chair

Color selection is an important part of choosing a guest chair, especially a wooden guest chair. You can choose the color of the chair that matches the color of the wall of your living room. Also, you can add ornaments that are in contrast with the chairs and walls of your living room. ornaments here can be sofa cushions or chairs. You can also place a black square table and a black table lamp next to your guest chair. Cream colored carpets can also be the right choice in combining black and white in a minimalist living room. This will make your living room more luxurious and memorable.

Use the Right Material

There are many choices of material that you can choose from whole wood to wood or metal frames which are coated with various types of foam and fabric. If the theme of your living room carries a temporary impression, then wood material can strengthen the existing classic style. However, it is not bad if wood material is added to the guest chair with a minimalist living room. This can create a warm natural impression.

Office Reception Waiting Area Furniture

The type of wood that is suitable for your guest chair.

Office Reception Waiting Area Furniture

The type of wood that is suitable for your guest chair.

Teak wood is one of the types of wood most often used by many people. Its distinctive, strong texture and durability make this type of wood a favorite of many people. Also, you need to pay attention to whether the wood construction is intact wood construction or connection. Solid wood tends to have a price that is more expensive than connecting wood because the finishing is neater without a line like what you find on connecting wood.

What if you choose a guest chair in the form of a sofa?

Like wood, the sofa itself has various materials that you need to pay attention to. You can choose based on the coating material and foam used. Also, note the neatness of the seams and the strength of the material used so that your sofa can last longer.

The hard foam tends to be made of bad material. This certainly will affect the level of quality that is not good. Also, avoid choosing coarse cloth as a wrapper for a guest chair or sofa that makes you feel uncomfortable when sitting on it. Plain velvet fabrics or velvet motifs can be a choice of quality fabrics.

Also, pay attention to the guest chair cushions or sofas used. Choose a pillow that can be replaced so that if you feel bored or stained, you can wash it or replace it with another cloth with a size similar to the guest chair or sofa.

Comfort Considerations

Not only functions to entertain guests, but you can also use the living room with other activities such as reading books or just relaxing. The selection of guest chairs with neat design can support the overall appearance of the room. However, it is important that the design must be considered with the comfort of the owner.

How can you assess the comfort of your guest chair?

You can do a simple test by sitting still for a few seconds. Then sit back in the same position for 10-15 minutes. If you do not want to change positions after this period or you feel there is no difference from the first time sitting, then the chair has been able to meet the average comfort of the guest chair in general.

So, you don’t need to buy the best one. The important thing is to make you feel comfortable and following the house concept you want. Also, adjust the financial condition of your family.

Quality and price

Prices can be a relative consideration in choosing a guest chair. Never peg if the quality is directly proportional to the price. It’s not all true about the argument. Many products have good quality but are pegged at competitive prices.

Custom Design Services

The last choice if you don’t want to bother, you can use custom design services to order a guest chair according to the design you want.

Vintage Home Office Furniture

Natural ingredients that can make wood furniture more sparkling.

Vintage Home Office Furniture

Natural ingredients that can make wood furniture more sparkling.

1. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly with actual oil minerals is almost the same, which only distinguishes the formation. If the mineral oil is liquid, the petroleum jelly forms a gel. Therefore, before being used on furniture, it’s good to have petroleum jelly mixed with water first so that it is easily applied to the surface of the furniture.

The cleaning steps are more or less the same as before, which is applied to the furniture using foam or a soft cloth to make the wood look shiny.

2. Mayonnaise

This one item may not be familiar to your ears. We often use mayonnaise sauce for fruit salads, vegetable salads, and other delicacies. But you never imagined that this sauce could be used to clean stains if there were stains on our wooden furniture.

Mayonnaise is very effective in removing faint stains and food spills that pollute our furniture. You can simply apply mayonnaise to the point of the stain and rub it slowly until the stain disappears. Don’t forget to clean it with a clean tissue or a new cloth so that no ants cover your furniture.

3. Lime

Lime which has acidic properties besides can be used to clean rusty iron, lime is also used to clean your wood furniture naturally.

How to use this fruit to clean stains on furniture is quite easy. Cut the orange into two pieces, squeeze the orange and drop it on the stained furniture, wipe it clean. Then you will get your wood furniture clean again.

Thus sharing some tips on how to make wood furniture more naturally sparkling, hopefully, inspired and can be an alternative for you to avoid chemicals that are not necessarily safe for your family’s health. Thanks.

Cherry Office Furniture Sale

Don’t Buy Furniture Before You Read This (Wood Type, Price & Quality)! (Chapter 2).

Cherry Office Furniture Sale

Don’t Buy Furniture Before You Read This (Wood Type, Price & Quality)! (Chapter 2)

Wood Types Based on Price & Durability

Acacia wood

Acacia wood is the most widely used wood by one of the famous furniture stores. Acacia wood has the color and fiber similar to teak wood. Maybe this is the main reason why this type of wood is widely used to make furniture, although its durability or durability is still under teak wood.

Economical price

Durability: Durable, easily attacked by fungi or insects if placed in a place that is too wet.

Hardness Level: 4 on a scale of 1 – 5. Aroma: Smells like urine.

Hard Maple

Unlike other woods, the sapwood of maple trees is more widely used than the heartwood. The outer color of the wood ranges from white to cream, where the inside is usually reddish brown. Usually used for floors, furniture, and bowling floors.

Economical price

Durability: Less durable, because the outer part of the wood (sapwood) is more used than the inside of wood (heartwood)

Hardness Level: 5 on a scale of 1 – 5. Aroma: odorless

Oak Wood

Oakwood is usually bright reddish brown. Hard, heavy and strong, with good finishing and does not absorb moisture.

Economical price

Durability: Durable. Hardness Level: 4 on a scale of 1 – 5. Aroma: odorless


This plywood is the cool language of plywood. It is called plywood because it consists of plywood and is usually more than 3 layers where the educational institution usually calls it multiplex. Plywood is made of several thin sheets or layers whose fibers are arranged transversely between the bottom sheet and the top sheet simultaneously with special glue. The advantages of plywood compared to solid wood are its resistance to wood shrinkage and the length of the size that is impossible to obtain from solid wood in the same quality position. But that does not mean that plywood has the same resistance to weather. This material is only recommended for indoor furniture. The biggest weakness in plywood is on the thick side.

Price: Very Economical

Durability: Sufficiently durable, as long as it is not used for outdoor because it is vulnerable to damage due to weather and water.

Conclusion: Do not be too dizzy and complicated to think about what material is the most expensive or the best, because everything returns to your needs.

Beares Furniture Head Office

Choosing a Durable and Comfortable Sofa.

Beares Furniture Head Office

Choosing a Durable and Comfortable Sofa.

choosing a durable and durable sofa needs good planning. Because the sofa will be the occupant and complement your room for a long time. In choosing a sofa, of course, what to consider is the placement space, the right size, the type of frame, the type of frame, the type of upholstery, the color and motif, and the suspension. The following is a summary that we gather for consideration. You choose a sofa that is durable and comfortable by applying a few tips on choosing a sofa.

Placement Room

Tips for choosing the first sofa before buying, you must first specify in the room where the sofa will be placed. Is it for the living room, family room or workspace? Different places, of course, different forms that you can choose. For example, for the living room, of course, a sweet and elegant sofa is chosen as a sweetener room and can accommodate quite a lot of people. So that the sofa is parallel, the sofa is arranged in a semicircle, or a corner shaped sofa is more suitable for the living room.

For the family room, of course, you have to choose a sofa that is sturdy and comfortable because most family activities are carried out here. Don’t forget to choose a cushion for the living room sofa. As for the workspace that has to be shared with a work desk, choose a smaller sofa for only two people.

Measure Properly

Tips for choosing the second sofa is to measure the room correctly. In a large and high-roofed furniture store, the sofa that is displayed will look small. But when placed in your homeroom it looks too big and makes the room narrow. Therefore you have to thoroughly measure the room and the length of the old sofa, so you can estimate the exact size of the sofa placed in your home.

Framework Type

Tips for choosing the third sofa is the type of framework or construction. This is a durable and durable sofa lock. The construction of the sofa frame generally uses real wood that has been dried so that it is not moist. There are also those made of plywood, which are sheets which are arranged almost like real wood. Indeed, Plywood is not as strong as teak wood. Therefore the price of the sofa with the construction of a plywood frame is much cheaper.

There is also a sofa with an iron construction. Although strong, the iron frame construction for the sofa has its weaknesses. Iron cannot be easily formed like wood that is easily carved. As a result, sofas with wooden construction are not many variations and models.

Fill in the sofa or cushion you must know well. A good sofa cushion does not easily slip in, elastic and soft. Usually, the contents of the sofa are foam, dacron, or goose feathers. Everything has its advantages. Try sitting on the couch while still in the shop. So you can determine which is most comfortable for you.

Home Office Furniture Made In Usa

Caring for Teak Furniture.

Home Office Furniture Made In Usa

Caring for Teak Furniture.

Although it is already famous for its quality, teak wood furniture still needs regular maintenance to make it more durable and not quickly damaged. Furniture that is cared for properly and correctly will add to the beauty of the furniture and also you do not need to replace it for a long time. To maintain and also care for teak wood furniture, here are some useful tips.

– Clean carvings

The difficult part is cleaning the carvings of teak wood. You do this by using a small and fine brush to reach difficult carvings on your furniture.

– Your teak poles

For teak to last longer, you can polish your teak furniture using special oil for teak wood. This is done so that your furniture is more beautiful and attractive.

– Spray the pledge

Teak furniture does require routine maintenance. This is because there must be dirt or dust attached. The longer the dust is not cleaned, the furniture will quickly get dirty and dust will stick and it is difficult to clean. You need to spray a pledge on hardwood parts or furniture that is hard to reach. You can use this spray pledge on furniture other than teak.

– Treat it well

Furniture requires good treatment to make it more durable. You need to clean it regularly and pay attention to other aspects. This is like when you want to move your furniture in another room, for example, a closet. Take out the contents of the new cupboard. You can move your closet easily.

– Refinishing

So that your furniture is durable and remains sleek, then you can do refinishing regularly. Use refinishing material for teak wood and apply with a brush. Make sure your furniture is completely dry.

Thus easy and inexpensive tips for caring for your teak wood furniture. Make sure you pay attention to the condition of your teak to last longer. Look for other interesting inspiration on this website and see the next easy tips. It may be useful.

Funky Office Furniture

Design of the Millennial Generation Industrial Office.

Funky Office Furniture

Design of the Millennial Generation Industrial Office.

In terminology, the office is a place to work. But in reality, the office is not just a place to work to express all ideas and creativity. The number of jobs and deadlines that must be resolved requires office design that can ‘provoke’ brilliant ideas. Good office design must also provide a comfortable atmosphere for workers to always be fit and not feel tired so that their performance becomes good. Also, the flow of office space must create togetherness so that cooperation between workers can be neatly interwoven.

In this millennium, the industrial office design is loved because it displays a unique aesthetic of the honesty of the characteristics of its building materials. Honesty from industrial design is expected to create an honest work ethic and bring forth original ideas. Actually, what are the characteristics of industrial design? What is the current office design for millennials? This article will enlighten you as well as provide design inspiration for the current industrial office for millennials.

Expose Pipes, Beams, and Ceilings.

Exposed pipes / ducting, beams and open ceilings are typical of industrial design. Structural and mechanical elements that are exposed to an aesthetic element are honest while facilitating supervision and maintenance.

Combination of Concrete, Wood, and Metal.

The uniqueness of the concrete character that seems stiff and sturdy with its gray color, wood that seems comfortable and down to earth, as well as the modern and elegant impression of metal luster, will have a significant impact on industrial office design. luxury with black painted metal. Both give the impression of being solid, honest and elegant on the door.


When designing, architects must find brilliant ideas to maximize the entry of natural light and utilize natural air flow. The presence of wall-mounted metal pathways is the answer to this challenge. Also, the material for the walls was deliberately chosen from concrete, steel, and glass. In addition to maximizing natural lighting and natural temperature, also to characterize its industrial design. An exposed brick wall is the choice of material for walls. The peculiarity of attractive visualization of exposed bricks makes this material easy to adapt to other materials with various architectural styles.


want a different and dynamic office, and can ‘fish’ creative ideas of employees. That is why, designing a unique design, eye-catching, and creative philosophy in all elements of interior design. Work desks, floors, furniture, lights, doors, walls, and lighting with industrial concepts that are unique and seem to flow.

Boss Office Furniture

Don’t Buy Furniture Before You Read This (Wood Type, Price & Quality)!

Boss Office Furniture

Don’t Buy Furniture Before You Read This (Wood Type, Price & Quality)!

Wood Types Based on Price & Durability

You all probably know that furniture prices are greatly influenced by the quality of the material itself. Many of the furniture that you find in furniture stores is very varied even though the models don’t look so different.

Recently, I tried to dig deeper than it turned out that teak wood was not all good. For example, Teak is not only one type, but 3 types are distinguished by grade, namely Grade A Teak, Grade B Teak, and Grade C Teak. Usually, all of them are called “Teak” not using Grade even though quality and price can be very much different. So next time when you buy wood furniture and the seller says that the furniture is made of teak wood, always ask the wood for this grade A, grade B or grade C, then if you need to ask again West Java Teak or Central Java Teak wood East, or Sulawesi Teak wood.

Not many people know this, but I don’t want you to buy furniture like buying a cat in a sack, right? So this time we try to compare some of the most popular types of wood in Indonesia and abroad.

Teak wood

Teak wood is very famous for its durability, in addition to its elegant and exotic appearance. Teak is quite hard and waterproof (only for Teak Grade A & Grade B, because it contains oil). Teak wood is resistant to mold, termites, cracks, and decay. Most teak is used for furniture (furniture), windows, floors (parakeets), or doors.

Price: Very expensive

Durability: Very Very Durable, termite, borers, and wood powder beetles

Hardness Level: 3 on a scale of 1 – 5. Aroma: odorless

Mahogany (Mahogany)

Mahogany is also one of the best materials for furniture. The color is reddish brown making this wood very suitable for relief because of its good finishing.

Expensive price

Durability: Durable

Hardness Level: 2 on a scale of 1 – 5. Aroma: odorless


Rosewood is widely used because of its uniqueness, with dark brown to reddish brown color. This wood contains a sweet smell and is also quite durable. To do this type of wood sometimes it takes extra hard work, because of the level of violence.

Price: Very expensive

Durability: Very durable, resistant to insect attacks.

Hardness Level: 5 on a scale of 1 – 5

Aroma: Sweet Smell