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Minimalist and modern office interior design

Best Office Furniture Nyc

Minimalist and modern office interior design, this is a brilliant idea if you want to work more relaxed but stay focused. The design of office space does not only have to look formal that seems stiff. The following minimalist style office interior ideas might be able to inspire you who want a modern office space but still stylish.

Office interiors that emphasize natural wood accents on the table and also shelves, of course, this will give a luxurious and comfortable feel. But to make this design more perfect, try placing one or two brightly colored chairs so that your office space doesn’t look plain or boring.

White painted walls all combined with wooden floors with dark brown colors will create attractive views. Modern office interior design even more minimalist style identical to white, worth trying. With a room that is not too large, of course, white will give the effect of the room so it looks wider.

Decorating dark colors like black or brown you can also consider, to create the impression of office space being luxurious. Dark colors are rarely applied because it will make the room look narrower. Therefore you must be smart in using the dark elements in the interior. You just need to use a work desk and some black chairs, to accentuate black accents. the rest, for the color of the walls and floors, still use white.

Model storage shelves attached to or floating on walls are a good solution, especially if your office space is small or narrow. That way it won’t take up much space to place office furniture.

The use of large glass as a wall can not only give the impression of modern minimalism but also will give a broad impression because the eye view can be further and not saturate.

You can also put a chandelier as a decoration that can be an accent point in the room. Of course, the size of the chandelier must be adjusted to the size of the room, do not use a large chandelier if your room is small. Another good choice is to place a table lamp in the corner of the room. Because the lights that arise will give the impression of comfort.

There is nothing wrong if you hang one or two paintings on the office wall. But choose a painting theme that can be uplifting or can give you the impression of calm. Also choose paintings that have bright and striking colors, to bring the atmosphere to life.