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Choose the best wood for the table Bestar Office Furniture

Bestar Office Furniture

Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF)

It has a texture similar to plywood, not easily weathered or bent due to changes in moisture level. However, this wooden board is not as solid as a table with plywood. Also, MDF wood can also be sanded if it is damaged. You will also get a table surface that is much flatter than the plywood you will give.

Plywood (Plywood)

This type of wood is far more sturdy than Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and is available in various types of wood such as cherry, birch, and maple. So that your table looks solid, all you need to do is display some decorations on the edge of your table.

If you choose to have a table that will be filled with framed ornaments, plywood is a good choice. The surface will remain safe from damage that can be caused during installation or manufacture and can also be easily sanded.

Fixed plywood does not change from season to season, so it is not weathered due to the water content in the air. The surface of the plywood table may not be too strong, so you can tighten it by using several layers of ¾ inch plywood on the table.