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Natural ingredients that can polish wood.

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How to naturally polish wood is indeed one method that is widely used by the community. It is reasoned that wood comes from natural ingredients so it is very suitable to use natural ingredients to treat it.

But is treating using natural ingredients an effective step? we try to discuss one by one natural material that is commonly used by the community to treat wood to keep it shiny.

Some natural ingredients commonly used by traditional people to polish furniture are:

1. Pecan seeds

We often know pecan seeds which have good content for treating hair. But it turns out the oil content in pecan is also good for caring for teak wood furniture.

How to use it by burning 5 pecan seeds until the oil comes out. After that, take the pecan seeds, wrap them with gauze. At the position of seeds wrapped in gauze, crush the seeds by beating until they are smooth or in the form of powder. Apply the cloth wrapped in candlenut seeds to all the furniture and furniture of the other wood. You will see the furniture in your house that looks shiny.

2. Flour

Flour commonly used to clean teak wood is sago flour and cornstarch. You can also use other flour in the kitchen.

The purpose of cleaning teak wood furniture with flour is to remove impurities that stick to teak wood. The dirt can be lifted easily using the flour that you normally find in the kitchen.

The way to apply it is quite easy, you just need to sprinkle flour on your wood furniture. Wipe until the dirt on your furniture is completely lifted. After the dirt is lifted, clean the flour from the wood furniture. You will find your wooden furniture looks clean and shiny.

3. Olive oil

We usually know olive oil as an oil produced from olive trees. This plant is not only beneficial for health and beauty, but it can also be used to treat furniture – household furniture made of wood.

The nature of olive oil that can fit into the pores of the wood without damaging the wood surface is very good for protecting teak furniture in our homes.

How to use it simply by applying olive oil to your wood furniture using a soft cloth until evenly distributed. We recommend using a microfiber cloth so as not to damage the surface of teak wood.

After applying thoroughly, let stand for 30 minutes until the oil is completely absorbed. Wipe back your furniture to cope so that no more oil is pooled on the surface.