Funky Office Furniture

Design of the Millennial Generation Industrial Office.

Funky Office Furniture

Design of the Millennial Generation Industrial Office.

In terminology, the office is a place to work. But in reality, the office is not just a place to work to express all ideas and creativity. The number of jobs and deadlines that must be resolved requires office design that can ‘provoke’ brilliant ideas. Good office design must also provide a comfortable atmosphere for workers to always be fit and not feel tired so that their performance becomes good. Also, the flow of office space must create togetherness so that cooperation between workers can be neatly interwoven.

In this millennium, the industrial office design is loved because it displays a unique aesthetic of the honesty of the characteristics of its building materials. Honesty from industrial design is expected to create an honest work ethic and bring forth original ideas. Actually, what are the characteristics of industrial design? What is the current office design for millennials? This article will enlighten you as well as provide design inspiration for the current industrial office for millennials.

Expose Pipes, Beams, and Ceilings.

Exposed pipes / ducting, beams and open ceilings are typical of industrial design. Structural and mechanical elements that are exposed to an aesthetic element are honest while facilitating supervision and maintenance.

Combination of Concrete, Wood, and Metal.

The uniqueness of the concrete character that seems stiff and sturdy with its gray color, wood that seems comfortable and down to earth, as well as the modern and elegant impression of metal luster, will have a significant impact on industrial office design. luxury with black painted metal. Both give the impression of being solid, honest and elegant on the door.


When designing, architects must find brilliant ideas to maximize the entry of natural light and utilize natural air flow. The presence of wall-mounted metal pathways is the answer to this challenge. Also, the material for the walls was deliberately chosen from concrete, steel, and glass. In addition to maximizing natural lighting and natural temperature, also to characterize its industrial design. An exposed brick wall is the choice of material for walls. The peculiarity of attractive visualization of exposed bricks makes this material easy to adapt to other materials with various architectural styles.


want a different and dynamic office, and can ‘fish’ creative ideas of employees. That is why, designing a unique design, eye-catching, and creative philosophy in all elements of interior design. Work desks, floors, furniture, lights, doors, walls, and lighting with industrial concepts that are unique and seem to flow.