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Caring for Teak Furniture.

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Caring for Teak Furniture.

Although it is already famous for its quality, teak wood furniture still needs regular maintenance to make it more durable and not quickly damaged. Furniture that is cared for properly and correctly will add to the beauty of the furniture and also you do not need to replace it for a long time. To maintain and also care for teak wood furniture, here are some useful tips.

– Clean carvings

The difficult part is cleaning the carvings of teak wood. You do this by using a small and fine brush to reach difficult carvings on your furniture.

– Your teak poles

For teak to last longer, you can polish your teak furniture using special oil for teak wood. This is done so that your furniture is more beautiful and attractive.

– Spray the pledge

Teak furniture does require routine maintenance. This is because there must be dirt or dust attached. The longer the dust is not cleaned, the furniture will quickly get dirty and dust will stick and it is difficult to clean. You need to spray a pledge on hardwood parts or furniture that is hard to reach. You can use this spray pledge on furniture other than teak.

– Treat it well

Furniture requires good treatment to make it more durable. You need to clean it regularly and pay attention to other aspects. This is like when you want to move your furniture in another room, for example, a closet. Take out the contents of the new cupboard. You can move your closet easily.

– Refinishing

So that your furniture is durable and remains sleek, then you can do refinishing regularly. Use refinishing material for teak wood and apply with a brush. Make sure your furniture is completely dry.

Thus easy and inexpensive tips for caring for your teak wood furniture. Make sure you pay attention to the condition of your teak to last longer. Look for other interesting inspiration on this website and see the next easy tips. It may be useful.